Green Agri-venture

Yiseul Shin

I am currently attending Sungkyunkwan University. As an active member of an international student organization, SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), I have been involved in many activities to bring opportunities to underprivileged communities. In 2011, I completed the course at SGS Social Enterprise Academy, and gained inspiration about the ethical values of social entrepreneurship.




Wood, which is regarded as eco-friendly, is not a very practical fuel. Our project hopes to solve that problem by using a customized burner for wood that utilizes a new technology to improve the value of wood as a resource. The use of wood has a wide application in the Korean context as a suitable fuel for Korean farm villages. This technology, in turn, may have an application in the context of developing countries to improve the quality of life there. Furthermore, the project will also be an effective way to slow down and, hopefully, prevent global warming. The main mission of our project is to encourage the development of a harmonious relationship between humans and nature using new technologies.

The customized burner using woods for the fuel

What's the project about

Wood has a low thermal efficiency and emits black carbon when it burns because it contains lots of moisture, and consequently, in places where it is used, people suffer from the black carbon emissions of burning wood. Additionally, alternatives to wood for Korean farming villages such as fossil fuels are expensive. In developing countries, the low heating efficiency of wood leads to the widespread cutting down of trees, which causes devastation to forests and the soil. Our project will aim to promote the use of wood as a fuel utilizing our customized burner, which can increase heating efficiency and prevent black carbon emissions. The project will also have a focus on planting trees as a sustainable fuel resource, as well as measures for protecting forests. The technology behind the customized burner for wood is a new technology and is awaiting a domestic and global patent, which is expected soon.

What have you achieved?

The seed money and the mentoring programme helped me a lot to develop the project idea into a concrete plan. By participating in E-idea, I had to set a goal and achieve the goal with a limited time frame so it was a great opportunity to have a framework for developing my idea and to consider the stages with expert advice on how to develop it into a retail product.

What's your next action?

I will try to correct some flaws found in the prototype so that the use of woods as a fuel can help cutting fossil fuel dependency especially in the rural areas in the country.

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