Upcycling Project: The Wire Hanger Bookstand

Jihong Yeom

I studied business administration and Iranian at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. As a social entrepreneur, I am working as the CEO of Passion Design. I have been a speaker at international events such as the KDI International Conference on Social Enterprise, and the Ashoka Youth Venture Summit (US), and I have co-authored a book 'Master of Book Reading - Homo Bookers' (2009). I participated as a member of International Antarctic Expedition 2041 led by the British explorer Robert Swan.




It is important to realize the value of materials and the potential of reusing them to contribute to a more sustainable way of living. This is the time to think about such issues. My project enables us to impact the world by contributing in a constructive way to the reuse of materials. I aim to encourage creative innovation by sharing ideas and communication on this important topic.

International students using the wire hanger bookstands

What's the project about

The objective of the project is to raise awareness among the public that even simple objects such wire hangers, which can cause environmental pollution problems, can be re-evaluated and, using sustainable design approaches, can be re-created into new objects for daily use such as bookstands. For this project, we will cooperate with the public, non-profit environmental organizations, and by connecting with different stakeholders help fulfil the social responsibility strategy of our project.

The idea of the wire hanger book stand turned into a new environmentally friendly product

What have you achieved?

Thanks to E-idea, sponsored by the British Council and LRQA, I was able to obtain a wider global perspective on the sustainability issue. Through E-idea conference in Indonesia, I got a confidence that my idea could spread further and became much more involved in the climate change issue than before. I realized that people all over the world have to work together to solve environmental problems.

What's your next action?

I want to make our YouTube video of wire hanger bookstand idea exceed more than a million views (so far we have reached100,000) and I will keep helping people talk together about the value of recycling and creativity in schools and libraries. I am aiming for the idea of our project to be inserted in the environmental textbooks worldwide so that idea and the value can be spread widely. I’m planning to furthering my knowledge and skills by studying sustainable and creative design in an MA course.

Supported by:

  • LRQA

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